Study Abroad – Now, More Than Ever

“Why I Want To Study Abroad”

Share these student voices with your Study Abroad stakeholders.
Relaunching Global Education

The COVID-19 pandemic has given our world a common cause even as it has isolated us from one another. We must relaunch global education both to meet the challenges of our increasingly interdependent world and our human need for direct personal and cultural interaction.

So as we innovate and relaunch international education, it is vital that we sustain the deep values and rewards of our field – study abroad as a truly immersive experience of constructive, direct engagement with others.

Now, more than ever, global education must focus on authenticity, academic quality, diversity and equity for students who are ready both to re-engage the world around them and to address its fundamental challenges.

Let’s Consider:
  • How can we promote greater diversity and equity in global education?
  • How can Health, Business, Public Policy, STEM and other majors address the pressing social challenges that their home communities share with other cultures?
  • What new Service Learning challenges and opportunities are emerging from this crisis?
  • How can we lower risk, and ensure the well-being of students and their host communities?
  • How do we engage parents and other non-participant stakeholders in a time of increased uncertainty and caution about travel?
  • How can we harness the power of remote learning to enhance global education without diminishing the relevance of direct, on-site engagement?
  • How can experienced on-site academic support supplement or substitute traditional faculty-led programs?
Support on the Ground

Now, more than ever, secure study abroad programs need the support of a reliable on-site provider. AIA is helping its partners to create and offer valuable and viable programs that fit the evolving needs and expectations of their various study abroad stakeholders. From program redesign and marketing to on-site and remote content delivery, AIA is helping its clients ensure their students’ experience and well being as we relaunch global education together. We welcome your input and questions as we build these new opportunities.


“I Want To Learn Differently”

Share these student voices with your Study Abroad stakeholders.