Remote Global Learning

Remote global learning at AIA, there’s nothing virtual about it.

Let AIA help you bring remote global learning to your classroom. We offer remote-learning opportunities that match the excellence of our on-site study abroad programs: thoughtful and customized content design, attention to real-time human interaction, innovative experience and a dedication to building community. Whether it is in-person or remote, global learning with AIA will be authentic and interactive – not canned or standardized. – Contact Us Now

Can’t go abroad? AIA will bring its expertise and its international experts to your real or remote classroom. We will design real-time, interactive academic activities and asynchronous support content to fit your specific curriculum. Whether you need a program, a course or simply a supplement to give your students a global experience, we can deliver specialized classes, workshops, guided on-site visits, conferences and much more. 

Want to expose your students to a broad world in a broad range of subjects? For over 10 years, AIA has connected students to exceptional global culture and professionals in the arts and humanities, foreign language, design and contemporary STEM subjects. See AIA’s Fields of Study Page to get inspired, then talk to us about what we can do for your classroom.

We stick close to our values, even when teaching remotely. Whatever the format, AIA promotes broad diversity and accessibility in education, we follow rigorous methods and high ethical standards, and we emphasize meaningful cross-cultural connections with an aim to inspire students to make positive contributions to local and global communities – whether they are physical or digital.

What’s available:

  • Academically rigorous content, customized to match your specific needs
  • Europe-based staff and educators with decades of experience in US and European higher education
  • Live-streamed lectures
  • Synchronous and asynchronous tours of cultural sites led by on-site experts
  • Real-time discussion groups and special activities with on-site instructors, experts, students peers and community leaders
  • Dynamic Italian language learning taught through interactive lessons and on-site activities.
  • Meaningful Service Learning activities
  • Customized workshops with international institutions
  • Contact with AIA’s network of professionals, scholars, academics, European organizations and alumni
  • Accessible online learning
  • Offer your own course credit
  • Online info sessions and course orientation sessions
  • Online student services

How does it work?

Contact AIA about your specific needs, from a lecture to a program. We will design the content with you and deliver it via Zoom and coordinated with your teaching platform.

Where can we go?

AIA is an American institution based in Rome, Italy. We specialize in on-site study abroad in Europe, and remotely we can organize truly global content.

What does it cost?

Prices will vary based on the type and amount of services requested, and AIA will work with you to accommodate your needs and budget. For your convenience AIA can invoice in US dollars or Euros.

Who we are:

Academic Initiatives Abroad is a US-based study abroad provider headquartered in Rome, Italy with decades of experience. AIA hosts exceptional study abroad programs for public and private universities and colleges from across the USA. Learn more about us at, and read what people are saying about us. Contact us at

Much has been said about virtual study abroad. At AIA, there’s nothing virtual about it.