Program Development

Turning Initiatives into Reality

AIA offers both expertise and creativity to help educators plan, develop and manage unique and effective off-campus experiences. We provides a custom level of program development and support, from local assistance for faculty-lead program to fully turn-key solutions with locally provided instruction and support.

We help administrators to cultivate their own faculty, and we help faculty to propose programs and navigate the logistics of launching an abroad program. When you need help with both exceptional local teaching and program planning, our turn-key programs are the answer.

We assure that results fit your needs by starting with thorough consultation followed by a step-by-step, hands-on collaboration throughout the planning process. Whether we take the lead or follow your lead, AIA works to move initiatives through a timely planning process, towards effective implementation.

Program development typically includes:

  • Preliminary planning & Research
  • Curriculum development
  • Faculty recruitment and preparation
  • Budgeting & Scheduling
  • Administrative planning
  • Programs marketing, both  on and off campus

Programs generally run from 4 weeks in summers to 16 week semesters and host 12-30 students, but duration, timing and cohort sizes are completely flexible. Models to fit your needs can include:

Degree Specific Programs

AIA can develop program packages that are specific to the curricular needs of individual majors or related majors in a department or college. AIA can support or supplement faculty-led programs, or provide all instruction to match your course descriptions.

Interdisciplinary Programs

This model offers the advantage of cross-disciplinary exchanges and the possibility of populating cohorts from multiple departments. AIA can provide a complete, turnkey solution with core courses and activities that satisfy the curricula of multiple courses in different majors. We can also provide a continuity of coordinated support to traveling faculty from one or more departments.

Multi-Institutional/Consortium Program

AIA can host collaborative programs with multiple institutions that share academic goals. Universities can benefits from cross-institutional exchanges and a smaller individual cohorts, with the simplicity of a partnership through AIA as a single independent provider.

Past Programs*

  • Harvard University
    Italian 2010-2011
  • Northeastern University, Boston
    Honors STEM  since 2015-2017
    Honors Sociology 2011-2014
    Honors Comparative Religion 2010, 2014-2015
    Architecture 2009-2010, 2017
    History of Science since 2015
    Photography since 2014
    Music 2011
    International Affairs planned 2011
    Music Business in Europe planned 2011
  • The University of Texas at San Antonio
    Honors History / Art History since 2012
  • The University of Oklahoma
    Architecture since 2013
  • California Polytechnic State University
    Architecture since 2010
  • Woodbury University, Burbank
    Architecture – undergraduate 2013
    Architecture – graduate 2013
    Graphic Design planned 2014
  • Council of Europe Bern Convention Select Group on Invasive Species 2014,2016
  • Tracing the Transcendentalists in Italy 2015
  • Social Science Educators Consortium International Conference 2014

*AIA does not claim that this list represents an endorsement by these institutions. Please see our professional references page or contact AIA for more details