What We Believe

At Academic Initiatives Abroad, we believe that study abroad should be a thoughtfully planned endeavor, not a standardized activity; that effective learning and personal growth require active, self-motivated students and educators; and that study abroad is an opportunity, not just to discover the world, but also to examine oneself.

We want to help students and educators to return from their study abroad experience both inspired and prepared to make significant, positive contributions to their home institutions and communities.

Our Mission

AIA is dedicated to:

  • providing exceptional academic opportunities, expertise and support to EDUCATORS;
  • mentoring STUDENTS to become self-directed, goal-oriented and creative critical thinkers;
  • helping COMMUNITIES create, sustain and share culture equitably.
helping EDUCATORS – take initiative

We believe that study abroad should be a process of critical discovery and that educators in any field can approach global learning as a research-oriented activity that challenges preconceptions and avoids predetermined conclusions. We understand that effective study abroad requires active, subject-specific learning and thoughtful engagement with a host culture.

helping STUDENTS – learn more

Global education must be inspiring, but we believe that inspiration is just the beginning. We think study abroad should mentor students to return home, not just more worldly, but with the skills, experience, values and commitment to excel academically, lead their professions and contribute to their communities.

helping COMMUNITIES – share culture

AIA is dedicated to the dignity of shared culture that serves the broadest community. We support and organize community service projects aimed at social justice, equitable access to public space and culture, and the preservation of culture and the environment for future generations.


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