Visas & Stay Permits

AIA can provide basic pre-departure  immigration advice and assistance with immigration procedures in the host country.  Immigration compliance, before and after arrival, however, remain the responsibility of individual students and faculty members. The following information applies specifically to Italy.

Student Visas

Any non-Schengen Area citizen who plans to stay in Italy for more than 90 days will need to apply for a study visa at an Italian Consulate. AIA can provide students with a guide to help them complete the application process. When appropriate, AIA will provide an enrollment and housing confirmation letter to accompany student visa applications.

Permits of Stay / Insurance

Once students are in the host country, AIA staff will assist with the necessary immigration procedures there. For stays of up to 90 days participants must simply register their presence with the local police. For more than 90 days they must apply for a Permit of Stay and basic public health insurance.

AIA staff provide students with a thorough orientation to local immigration procedures (Stay Permits), including providing application materials, and step-by-step assistance completing and submitting them. AIA personnel accompany the student groups to the immigration office to finish their application process. For additional security, AIA will will keep a copy of students’ immigration and health insurance receipts for the duration of the program.

While AIA can assist students and the home institution with this process, individual participants remain solely responsible for the obligations and cost of  complying with immigration procedures.