Work Visas

AIA can help your non-EU faculty apply for a work visa, but the application needs to be initiated by the home university that employs the faculty member. As approval of work visas rests solely with the Italian Foreign Ministry, no service institution can guarantee a visa for visiting faculty. Successful work visa applications can take many months to obtain, so a university should begin the application process 6-7 months before the start of the semester for which it is needed. AIA will charge a separate fee to cover consultants and other costs
associated with faculty work visa requests.

American universities that are recognized by the Italian ‘Barile’ law, and which are members of AACUPI (Association of American College and University Programs in Italy), can invite home faculty to teach in Rome for up to 90 days without a work visa. Recognition by the Barile law is important for a university’s sustained
presence in Italy and application for work visas. AIA encourages all of its client universities to apply for Barile recognition and membership in AACUPI. We can assist in the application process and serve as local representatives for your university for either recognition.